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Tax Statements

ℹ️ This report is particularly helpful for year-end tax reporting on early childhood education spending and will include the provider’s information, including their Employer Identification Number (EIN), as well as all payment activity by all payer’s for a student in the selected date range.

  1. Log in on the web

    🚩 Complete the following steps from a computer, not a mobile device

  2. Open the Payments page
  3. From the Accounts tab, select your student’s name (if there are multiple) to open their account
  4. Scroll down until you see the Payments & Credits tab and click to open it
  5. Click the purple Export button
  6. Select the relevant date range💡 For year-end tax reporting, ensure you’ve selected January 1 to Dec 31st and are pulling this report after Dec 31st so the entire year’s payment summary is captured.
  7. Click Export, and a summary will be sent to your email address
  8. Click Download in the displayed pop-up to download the report immediately as a PDF
  9. Use the Total Payments (if one payer) or Paid by tiles (if multiple payers) at the top of the exported report to determine the payments made in the selected date range.
    1. If you have multiple children at this school, select your other student’s name and repeat steps 3-9.
    2. If you have children at another school, click the purple Change school button above All Children and repeat steps 2-9.
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